F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take the agency to issue a reading report?

A month or so from when it receives the manuscript.

Does receiving a reading report mean the book will be published for sure?

No. Technical evaluation is preliminary to editorial representation, but this does not commit the literary agent to present a book to a publishing house.

What does the literary agent do?

The literary agent proposes the right book to the right publishing house, consistent with its genre and theme. The agency contracts with publishers to obtain favourable conditions for writers. It orients the writers in the publishing market.

On what bases are the costs of publishing services defined?

Based on an editorial page. Each page is made up of 1,800 characters (spaces included).

Why should I turn to a literary agency before presenting a manuscript to an editor?

Publishing with valuable publishers has become very difficult; the majority of these do not even read the manuscripts that arrive to the editorial office. A literary agency is a selection filter for publishers who rely on external professionals to ensure good texts. Our agency is in direct contact with most publishers.

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